Honor World is an innovative GameFi platform jointly built by users, creators, developers, and other communities. The platform establishes a complete token economy around the Honor World Token ($HWT) and encourages all parties to participate in the construction and development of the platform. The platform organically combines DeFi, NFT, and GameFi. While enhancing the game’s fun, Honor World uses the financial mechanism to create an ecosystem for Play-To-Earn.

Honor World is a platform that truly belongs to users. The $HWT is distributed to the community through a fair launch. Users truly have the ownership and use rights of the platform's core NFTs. Users vote to determine the direction of the platform.

Honor World encourages creators and developers to participate in the construction and development of the platform. Creators can freely express their creativity, create unique NFT images, display their works through the platform, and get rewards. The platform will provide the infrastructure for game developers to evolve to the blockchain, develop their best games based on the Honor World platform, and grow together.

Honor World is a new GameFi world with a magnificent worldview and rich gameplay. There are farms with abundant products, fantastic game parks, all surrounded by giant dragons in the mountains, and countless treasures waiting for people to explore. The new world contains infinite possibilities.

Before reaching the realm, move forward by the dream. Honor World is a place where visions and missions guide us. In the Honor World, we are all our heroes.

Our Vision

Honor World is committed to creating an innovative GameFi platform integrating Farming, Staking, Gaming, DeFi, NFT, DAO, and other elements to explore the infinite possibilities of GameFi. The platform really belongs to the user. Users will participate and gain digital wealth that truly belongs to them. The platform encourages creators and developers to participate in community building. We believe that through the unremitting efforts of users, creators, and developers, the Honor World community will develop healthily and vigorously and ultimately give back to every participant.

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