⚔️Dragon Boss

Welcome to Dragon Boss, where you will take on the role of a brave adventurer and collaborate with other players to challenge mighty world bosses and compete for generous rewards. This guide will provide you with an introduction and user manual for Dragon Boss.

Exclusive Materials and Equipment

Experience up to 15 brand new boss-exclusive drop materials, over 30 types of new equipment, and 4 unique sets. These items can only be obtained from boss battles.

Boss Challenges

Dragon Boss consists of Normal Bosses and Elite Bosses, which are categorized into four elemental types: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind.

Dragon Boss battles are held three times a week, specifically on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Each session showcases a unique Dragon Boss. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, players encounter Normal Bosses that alternate between the Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind elements. The Saturday boss, on the other hand, is an Elite Boss that also rotates among the four elements. Elite Bosses present a more formidable challenge and offer even more rewarding experiences.

The Boss battles start at 10:00 UTC and last for 24 hours.

Each player has the opportunity to challenge a boss three times per battle.

Boss Battle Rewards

During each battle, a damage ranking list is generated, which is updated as players compete for damage dealt. Once the battle duration ends, the ranking list is finalized, and rewards are distributed accordingly.

  • Ranking Rewards: The higher the accumulated damage by the player, the higher their ranking and the better the rewards.

  • Random Rewards: Receive a material randomly selected from the reward pool. Regardless of your ranking, there is a chance to obtain the highest-grade boss-exclusive material.

Boss Season Ranking Rewards

Player damage values are accumulated on the Boss Season Ranking, which determines the rewards.

These rewards include HWT, USDC, Summoning Crystals, Magic Water, and more, based on the in-game ranking list. Rewards are distributed at the end of each boss season.

Formation for Challenges

To challenge a boss, a player must form a team of three heroes.

Before the battle begins, players need to set up their boss battle formation, which is independent of their adventure team and must include three heroes.

During the boss battle, the damage calculation is based on the boss formation, not the adventure team.

Boss Tickets

The first boss challenge requires a boss ticket, while subsequent challenges consume a certain amount of magic water.

Boss tickets are divided into Normal Boss Tickets and Elite Boss Tickets.

Boss tickets can be crafted using existing materials. Each material has a chance to successfully craft a ticket, and the more materials used, the higher the success rate.

HonorTitle Requirements

To participate in Normal Boss battles, players need to achieve the rank of Corporal. For Elite Boss battles, the rank requirement is Sergeant Major.

Pet Bonuses

Pets equiped by heroes provide bonuses during boss battles.

When a pet’s elemental attribute restrains the boss’s element, the pet’s attributes are boosted by 200%, significantly increasing the overall damage dealt.

Elemental Restraint:

  • Water restrains Fire

  • Fire restrains Wind

  • Wind restrains Earth

  • Earth restrains Water

Please note that pet bonuses are only effective during boss battles.

Gem Bonuses

Gems in the Farm provide bonuses during boss battles.

Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Topazes correspond to the Attack, Defense, HP, and Luck attributes, respectively. They can enhance the attributes during boss battles.

Gems range from level 1 to 5, with each level offering increasing attribute bonuses.

Please note that gem bonuses are only effective during boss battles

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