⛏️Soul Mining

Soul Mining is a featured function of Dragon Treasure. Through binding the equipment in the game, you can obtain Soul Value. With Soul Value, you can mine HWT assets.

Soul Points

Soul Points is obtained by binding equipment with Epic and Legendary quality. After binding, the equipment will become bound and gain extra attribute bonuses. (The binding conditions may be more relaxed during server opening).

The equipment cannot be sold and the binding is irreversible after binding, please be careful when binding!

Activate Soul Mining

Soul Mining needs to be activated by the Horn of Plenty. After activating the Horn of Plenty, Soul Mining will start automatically. When the Horn of Plenty is not activated, Soul Mining will stop automatically.

Soul Points obtained by binding equipment will be mined for HWT at a 1:1 ratio.

Any Soul Point not mined this Season can be mined in the following Seasons until all Soul Points is mined.

After all Soul Points is mined, HWT cannot be mined any longer.

The Mining Rate of Soul Mining

The mining rate of Soul Mining is determined by the Soul Value. The higher the Soul Point is, the faster the mining rate will be.

By binding more equipment, Soul Points will be added to the total Soul Points and increase the mining rate.

Claim the HWT

The mined HWT assets can be claimed at any time from the Horn of Plenty interface.

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