Soulbound HWT, soulHWT for short. Users can obtain soulHWT by bounding to the HWT soul. SoulHWT represents the managed HWT, which can only be obtained by bounding HWT. After the bounding period ends, the user can retrieve the bound HWT. SoulHWT cannot be transferred.


  1. Boost LP farming, bounding soulHWT can get up to 2.5 times of farming boost, the more bounding, the better the boost effect, This feature will be available in the future.

  2. Entitled to DAO voting governance rights.

Get SoulHWT

The longer the user bounds HWT, the more soulHWT will be obtained. The minimum initial bounding period is one week. The soulHWT obtained by bounding one HWT with the bounding duration is as follows

Bounding type

Bounding duration

Proportion of soulHWT

Weak Bounding

7 days


Weak Bounding

14 days


Medium Bounding

1 month


Medium Bounding

3 months


Medium Bounding

6 months


Strong Bounding

1 year


Strong Bounding

2 years


The soulHWT of a user disappears as the bounding expires. You can extend the bounding period or increase the number of bound HWTs to prevent soulHWT from decreasing.

Example: The user bounds a HWT on June 6, the bounding time is 7 days, then can immediately obtain 0.1 soulHWT, June 13 after the expiration of the bounding, the 0.1 soulHWT disappears.

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