1. Preparation before playing

Playing the Honor world requires the following basic conditions:

  • Have one of the following wallets: Metamask, Tokenpocket, BitKeep, Wombat, Math wallet

  • Add a Arbitrum one network

  • There are assets in the Arbitrum one network, if not, require bridging or withdrawal operations.

1. How to add a Arbitrum one network?

1.1 PC terminal: take MetaMask Wallet for an example

Click the Metamask wallet plug-in, click "Add Network", and then enter the following information in "Add Network manually":



Network name

Arbitrum one



Chain ID


Currency symbol


Block explorer URL(Optional)


1.2 Mobile phone terminal:

Take the mobile phone APP TokenPocket Wallet as an example:

Open the TP wallet, select the built-in Arbitrum icon, click the plus sign, and import or create your own wallet address.

2. What if there are no assets under the Arbitrum One network?

Option 1: Bridge

Arbitrum Assets are located in Ethereum L2 network requiring bridging ETH (L1) assets to Arbitrum One (L2), as follows:

2.1 Login website: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

2.2 Connect to the metamask wallet and switch the network to the ETH Maninet.

2.3 Next, enter the number of ETH, click "Move funds to Arbitrum One", and start the Bridge operation. The bridging takes some time, or about 15 minutes.

2.4 Finally, wait for the bridge to complete, open the wallet, and change the network to Arbitrum One. At this point, the Arbitrum ETH assets can be seen in the wallet. ​

Option 2: the exchange of currency withdrawal

Prepare some ETH from the frequently used exchange and then extract it to the Arbitrum One address.

Be careful to choose the Arbitrum One network.

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