2. Play NFT

1. What is a hero NFT?

Hero NFT is the core asset of the Honor World game universe. With NFT, you can farm to produce Honor coins and play a series of games in the game universe.

NFT has different quality, according to the color of white, green, blue, purple and orange, the higher the quality, the rarer. See the web page for the calling probability.

NFT has mining power, the higher the quality, the greater the mining power.

2. How to obtain the hero NFT

The NFT of the Honor World is summoned by the mystery crystal. 1 crystal can summon 1 NFT. The acquisition methods are as follows:

2.1 Participate in the official pre-sale activities (completed)

2.2 There are crystals for sale in the market and can be purchased directly.

2.3 In the exchange interface, 10,000 crystal shards =1 crystal, set up to 10,000 crystal shards can directly summon a NFT.

2.4 Liquidity mining can automatically produce crystal fragments. See the next section on the operation of liquidity mining.

page3. Play LP(liquidity pool)

3. View the benefits of NFT

HWT tokens will be automatically produced when player has a NFT. The higher the mining power, the more tokens are dug out every day, which can be viewed on the NFT mining page.

4. Methods of trading NFT

NFT is an on-chain asset that can be bought and sold on the market page (soul-bound NFT is not tradable).

Note 1: The NFT sold by other players in the market can be screened and viewed.

Note 2: Click "Sell" and you can sell your own NFT.

Note 3: The player has registered an order for the NFT.

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