♻️Economic Model

A perfect economic model is key to the long-term survival of a product. Honor World has a complete economic model of consuming, staking, burning, and buyback, ensuring the project's long-term sustainable development.

Token Buyback

To increase the circulation rate, maintain a healthy economic model, and promote the better development of the project, the Honor World platform will carry out token buyback. DAO vault will accumulate ETH/USDC funds for the buyback of HWT, which will be directly burned.

Price Oracle Mechanism

The smart contract will continue to read the average HWT price for 72 hours. Suppose the current HWT price is lower than the average HWT price for the previous 72 hours. In that case, the buyback mechanism will be triggered, and the smart contract will automatically execute the buyback.

Token Burning

To enhance the value of HWT tokens, the platform has developed a burning mechanism that will execute automatically by the smart contract.


Percentage of Burning

In-game Consumption


Token Buyback


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