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Why do I need to register a Arbitrum wallet address?

Honor World runs on the Arbitrum One, users need to create a Arbitrum address, and the Arbitrum main network needs to be added to the wallet.

What is the liquidity of liquidity farming?

The essence of increasing liquidity in Honor World is to increase liquidity for LP pool and obtain LP tokens corresponding to the liquidity. The Honor World platform deposits these LP tokens to obtain benefits. Increasing liquidity can participate in liquidity farming.

What is the purpose of staking and bounding for liquidity farming?

Stake: Stake the LP token you obtained after providing liquidity to obtain farming income and MCS.

Bounding: Bounding refers to bounding platform token HWT, the purpose is to obtain soulHWT, to boost the earnings of liquidity farming and participate in other activities of the platform.

I purchased NFT, how can I participate in farming?

After purchasing NFT, it will automatically participate in NFT stake farming without additional operations, and the income will be collected on the NFT farming page.

I have USDC in my wallet, why can't I trade it in the market?

In addition to the USDC required for the transaction, the wallet also needs to have a certain amount of ETH as GAS. Since it is a full-chain game, all operations of the NFT farm require ETH as Gas (blockchain fee), and each operation requires about 0.00003 ETH.

After the NFT I purchased is used in one of the games, can it still be used in other games?

NFTs can be used in multiple games simultaneously.

Why do I receive less money than the selling price after I sell NFT?

The market transaction fee is 5%.

If I close the game, will the battle play automatically?

Yes, there is no need to keep the game open for the battle to continue. Even if the game is closed, the battle will play automatically.

How to upgrade hero level?

Heroes can get experience points when they go into battle and kill enemies, and each time they kill a monster, they can get 1 point of experience. When you reach the specified experience, you can consume magic water to upgrade the hero.

How could I get HWT tokens?

You can exchange the HWT tokens in the HWT-ETH LP mine pool in Honor Farm. you can also stake NFTs and earn HWT token rewards by farming.

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