3. Play LP(liquidity pool)

1. What is LP

"Liquidity Pool" in the field of DeFi refers to the process in which the designated token assets are deposited in the mining pool as required to provide liquidity for the capital pool of the product and obtain income, which may be the original token of the project.

Honor world's LP proceeds are crystal shards, which can summon the NFT.

2. How to start making the LP gains

The basic process of liquidity mining is: select the mining pool-> exchange for the corresponding assets-> add liquidity-> depoist, four-step operation.

2.1 Select the Liquidity Pool

Honor World currently has five mine pools, one HWT mine pool, and four mainstream currency mine pools. Each mine pool has an annual rate of return. The first step is to choose the mine pool you want to add.

2.2 Exchange the currency required of mining pool

Take the USDC-ETH mining pool as an example, players need a certain number of USDC and a certain number of ETH to form a transaction pair. If there is no corresponding assets, they can buy in the exchange operation, such as spending a certain amount of ETH to buy USDC, or other currencies to buy USDC.

2.3 Add liquidity

Take USDC-ETH LP as an example, click the "Liquidity" button, select assets to add, enter the number of USDC, the transaction pair will automatically match the number of ETH, and then click to add.

For each currency, one approval is authorized, and no more authorization is required thereafter.

2.4 Deposit

Click the "Deposit" button to select how many LP to deposit, (can also choose 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% ratio to add), and confirm the operation.

Now, the liquidity of a mine pool has been added, and now the crystal mine will continuously produce crystal fragments, and you can click on it at any time to harvest. Harvest can be combined or single mine to claim.

3. Remove the operation of LP

When a player does not want to add liquidity, they can remove it at any time. The operation is as follows:

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