⚖️NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is a decentralized trading market where hero NFTs can be bought and sold freely. To provide the best user experience and the lowest transaction costs, we have specially optimized the smart contracts for NFT in the following ways:

  1. Players do not need to unstake the NFT before listing, which allows players to trade NFTs at a low cost. When a user lists an NFT for sale, the NFT mining power will be subtracted from the user's total mining power, and there is no need for an unstake operation, saving on gas fees. When a user buys an NFT from the market, the mining power of the NFT will be added to the user's total mining power, and no stake operation is required, saving on gas fees.

  2. The marketplace only supports buy and sell transactions using USDC. USDC is the only trading token in the market.

  3. Players can buy or sell multiple hero NFTs at once through the shopping cart.

  4. The platform charges 5% of the transaction fee, 60% of which goes into the Honor World's DAO vault, and 40% is used for platform management.

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