Basic concept of blockchain

Honor World contains NFT, Defi, Gamefi and other multiple gameplay. Here are several basic concepts introduced first, and the concept explanation is quoted in the network.

1. What is NFT

NFT (Non-Fungible Token), or non-homogenized tokens, is inseparable, irreplaceable and unique. Due to its non-homogeneous and unseparable characteristics, NFT can be bound with some commodities in the real world, such as game props, digital art, tickets and so on. NFT with its natural collection attributes and easy to trade, applied in the game, can make the life of virtual items longer, higher appreciation space, stronger playability, wider liquidity.

The typical form of NFT of Honor World is the hero NFT of four races. High-quality heroes are limited and numbered and unique, and their assets exist on the blockchain and will not disappear or be tampered with.

2. What is DEFi

DeFi, also known as decentralized finance, is a financial application built on the blockchain. In the traditional financial industry.

There are many financial institutions, such as banks, and banks make money through financial behaviors such as borrowing, earn profits, and return the interest to users.

In DeFi (decentralized finance), financial institutions and their behaviors are replaced by smart contracts on the blockchain. The advantages are as follows: 1. Reduce the operating costs of banking institutions, and more revenue will be returned to users; 2. The contract is transparent, and all operations can be checked, reducing the risk of centralization.

The Defi of Honor World is composed of several mining pools, and the revenue is updated in real time on the home page, and all the output and revenue are distributed to the users.

3. What is GameFi

GameFi, Also known as "gamification finance", refers to a brand new gamification business, which presents financial products in the way of games and gamesizes the rules of DeFi.

Some analysts believe that NFT has introduced differentiated assets for DeFi with the standard of scarcity, and DeFi also gives NFT commercialization value through financial means. Some of the DeFi crossover applications that are currently being promoted, especially those combined with NFT, have shown great potential.

The advantage of GameFi lies in that it integrates financial attributes into blockchain and games. With blockchain games as the medium, on the one hand, it can effectively reduce the learning cost of users and improve their willingness to participate. On the other hand, the characteristics of blockchain make the risks and benefits that are originally difficult to evaluate become open and transparent.

In GameFi games, you can earn while playing, and the items will not follow the traditional games, the game stops serving, and the player will even lose the ownership of the items. It is not hard to find that whether the interests of traditional gamers are guaranteed depends on the decisions and attitudes of game developers and operators. In GameFi, the items purchased, NFT and the revenue of the play are the players' personal assets, and no loss of ownership and usufruct.

Honor world's first game, Dragon Treasure, is a typical Gamefi game.

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