Honor World believes that DAO governance should not only be limited to product functions and settings but also give users the right to manage platform assets to achieve effective governance truly.

Honor World Token (HWT) holders have governance rights over the platform and will have the right to manage the platform's vault and decide the future development trend of the platform.

DAO Vault

All platform revenues will be pooled into DAO vault, including but not limited to

  • Crystal farm withdrawal fee

  • NFT marketplace transaction fee

  • In-game consumption

  • In-game marketplace transaction fee

The funds in the vault are mainly composed of HWT and USDC. Users can use soulHWT to vote on how to use and distribute the funds in the DAO vault.

Governance Platform

In the initial stage of the Honor World governance platform, the team will collect and initiate governance proposals, and soulHWT holders will vote on them. Later, there is a gradual shift to fully decentralized governance, with soulHWT holders initiating proposals and voting on the result.

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