Obtain HWT


You can exchange the HWT tokens in the HWT-ETH LP mine pool in Honor Farm, Use ETH tokens to exchange for HWT tokens.

NFT Farming

When you stake your NFTs, you will receive HWT tokens as a reward for NFT farming, you can claim the HTW tokens. Under the same conditions, the higher the mining power of the staked NFT, the more HWT tokens will be awarded.


HWT has a vibrant application scenario and will continue to expand in the future as the project advances.


SoulHWT can be used for farming boost and is the only voting token for future major decisions of the Honor World platform. It can only be obtained by bounding HWT. The longer HWT is bound, the more soulHWT can be obtained.


HWT will act as a medium of trading in the platform ecology, and most of the HWT payments will be burned in the trading market.

Game Application

HWT can be used for consumption in the Honor World game platform; HWTs consumed in the game will go into the burning pool, and the platform will burn them periodically.

Game Rewards

Users can participate in a variety of activities in the game. The platform will allocate more rewards to those players who actively participate in the game.

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