4. Play Dragon Treasue

Dragon Treasure is an idle game, where players use their idle time to fight to gain game resources, constantly enhance their heroes. Players can have fun and earn profits from the gameโ€™s trading and ranking. The game maintains gameplay while maximizing the integration of various blockchain application. More gameplay is constantly added to the game.

Before playing, the following basic conditions are required: 1. Own at least one hero NFT; 2. Prepare an address(the same as the address in Honor Farm); 3. Switch the network to Arbitrum, and preferably own the assets on Arbitrum network.

1. Authorize NFT to enter Dragon Treasure

The hero NFT participating in the adventure comes from Honor Farm. You need to authorize it to participate in the game. The heroes participating in Dragon Treasure can play while farming.

If you donโ€™t have NFT yet, you need to use crystal to summon or buy an NFT directly in the market. You can go directly to the following link:

page2. Play NFT

Canceling the authorization will clear the experience points of the recalled heroes. Please cancel the authorization carefully.

2. Login game

On the official website, click the link of Dragon Treasure. Click "Login", and then connect the wallet to enter the game.

The wallet address you use to play Dragon Treasure must be the same as the address in Honor Farm.

3. How to deposit

HWT and USDC are required to purchase goods in Dragon Treasure game. To deposit, follow the steps below. 1. Add the currency symbols of HWT and USDC to the Metamask wallet. (The wallet in Honor Farm has been set up with one-click operation) 2. Obtain your own deposit address. 3. Send the asset to the address in the MetaMask wallet.

If the asset is not updated after deposited, you can click the refresh button at the top.

4. How to withdraw assets

Earned HWT or USDC in Dragon Treasure. If you want to withdraw, the operation is as follows:

The withdraw operation starts from 8:00 AM UTC 8th, Jan.

5. Basic settings in the game

5.1 Game settings

Click on the avatar to set the display language, background music, avatar, and rename.

5.2 Town Hall

You can view season leaderboard, hero title, and mailbox. Operations such as adventure and market order can be viewed in the records.

5.3 Heroes

You can view the heroes you have authorized to play, and you can upgrade and strengthen them.

5.4 Adventure

Here you can choose the combination of heroes to fight, check the level drop, and gain the adventure loots. On the adventure page, you can activate the Horn of Abundance to dig out treasure chests and soul points.

5.5 Manufacturing and upgrading equipment

On the item page, you can view your own materials, craft equipment, upgrade equipment, and disassemble materials and equipment.

5.6 Market

Players can buy and sell various materials and equipment in the market, and can filter to see if there are any items you like.

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